Our Mission at Black Men Network is to be a community of brotherhood for Black Men, where we tackle areas such as financial empowerment, social empowerment, community outreach, and education empowerment.


Financial Empowerment

Black Men Network believes in financial literacy and financial freedom. One of our goals is to empower our members and community to pursue areas of entrepreneurship and passive income.

Social Empowerment

Black Men Network believes in having fun and living life to the fullest and to one's God given potential. In addition, to forming great brotherhoods and relationships with like minded men.


Community Outreach

Black Men Network believes in community outreach and loves to give back through acts of service and volunteering. Whether it is through mentorship or feeding the homeless. Black Men Network is ready to serve.


Education Empowerment

Black Men Network believes in personal development, educational attainment, and being visionary leaders.